Cirepil Green 800g Beads

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W 351-9402

Transparent Soft Gel Texture (Strip Less Wax) in 800g Bag of Beads for refilling your tin. Clincially tested (Proclaim Laboratory) and scientifically proven to moisturize and hydrate the skin after the waxing service. Low Temperature wax, perfect for all skin types, most suitable on sensitive areas of the body (face, underarms, bikini, Brazilian). Superior results on all hair textures and lengths. Made of 90% plant based ingredients and 10% elastomers to ensure the trademark capturing of the hair. Its soft texture is pleasant to work with. Apply in thin, even layers for cost superior results. Ingredients: Sunflower Oil (Vitamins A, E), Shea Butter (soften and calm), and Candelilla Wax (moisture).